The Colossal Bundle: A massive amount of templates for $49.

For only a limited time of one week Inkydeals have a crazy promo: The Colossal Bundle. And by Colossal means exactly that: a huge, almost infinite amounts of resources worth $10,063 for only $49. What is the colossal stuff? You will get: 117 vectors sets, 425 illustrations, 40 t-shirt design, 18 textures and one font. A single photoset post isn’t enough to fit so much resources.

Many of this templates are typographic designs, ready to use it on any project and ready for being edit it to fit on your own need. Also you will find tons of icons, infographics, illustrations, textures. It will pass years and years and you will still use this bundle for future projects.

See it here (you scroll down a lot):



Lies we tell our kids.  Found this from the postsecret blog.

this was hilarious until that last one 

i never asked for this


Best pick up line ever


Korean phenom illustrator, director & now Creative Producer of The Boondocks Seasons 3 and upcoming season 4, Kim Seung Eun sketch studies. STUDIES. I learned a lot from him in my early years of The Boondocks animated series as we both started out as Directors on season 1. Considered one of South Korea’s best kept secrets and now Tv animations. One of my Hyeongs who constantly remind me I need to get better everyday. Responsible for some of the most memorable sequences in TV action animation. An absolute MASTER.

Kamsahamnida for the lessons big bro. :-)

Say hello to him! :